About Us

Companionship Dog Training is owned and operated by Corwin and Katie Cheng.

Katie holds a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology and Psychology from the University of North Dakota. Her love of animals led her to study in the esteemed Exotic Animal Training and Management Program at Moorpark College, developing invaluable training experience with a variety of animals. She acquired her Associate’s Degree at Moorpark, and also met her future husband, and business partner, Corwin.

Corwin’s passion for animals began at a young age, as he studied Animal Biology at the University of Alberta in Canada, before moving to California. After graduation, Corwin focused on working with dogs, teaching group classes and conducting in-home private sessions, training dogs in a board and train setting. Emphasizing positive reinforcement techniques, Corwin has considerable experience in a number of disciplines, including puppy training, basic obedience, and loose leash walking. He also specializes in serious behavioral problems, including fear and leash reactivity. He is knowledgeable in dog social dynamics, and understands dog body language after spending nearly a decade in the industry.

Katie spent much of the past decade at the world-famous San Diego Zoo, rising to the role of Senior Animal Trainer, working with exotic animals ranging from sea lions to cheetahs. During her nine years there, she focused on a wide variety of husbandry training, from voluntary injection training with a porcupine to crate training a hyena. She also prides herself on desensitization training, so her animals can comfortably go anywhere. Since the couple’s relocation to Minnesota, Katie spent the summer working at the Minnesota Zoo. She looks forward to bringing her varied experience to the dog-training world.

In 2018, Katie and Corwin officially launched Companionship Dog Training.

Corwin and Katie are passionate in their belief that each dog is unique, which is why they customize their training plans to a specific dog’s needs.

They are sometimes joined by helpers, Lola, a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix, and Kimba, a recently adopted Great Pyrenees, to help acclimatize new dogs.